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A mix of physics and philosophy by David Beale

Towards A Theory Of Everything

These ideas are just beginning to be in a sequential book form. The below, with the other pages, are preparations and resources.

An exclusion-force field has variations by areas moving multi-dimensionally, coming and going; often in cycles all co-dependent with similar areas. Variations in the force-field produce everything, in 3D space and beyond, which shares the same spiritual foundations.

This theory is a set of visualizations for matter, energy and fields. Using such visual-thinking analogies, the commonality shows all for phenomena. The theory also presumes unity for our reality which logically appears as if separated into material and non-material.

Getting back to basic human viewpoints can explain experimental results. These pages have explanations for such as gravity and why the speed of light gets observed as close to being constant. These pages have various expressions of a theory based on observation; the many pages in many styles explain phenomena with a starting with consciousness and our most ancient literature.

Reality is a multi-dimensional fractal. Its parts have equal reality for being numbered percentages of Infinity; each for at least an infinitely short time. Reality has an infinite number of components; each a multi-dimensional Fourier series in which the sizes and phases, of the harmonics, vary from infinitely large to infinitely small. Every individual is unique yet every individual holds, in the harmonics of its Fourier series, a summary of the whole of reality. Reality may also be likened to a multi-dimensional hologram, within which every individual shines the light of a unique balance, of the harmonics of everything; to evoke larger variations of itself as an individual contributing to the complexity of the whole of everything.

Everything already known can be described as variations in a unity extending to infinity. The highest level of existance is to be equal to infinity and just below that, conventionally, is being a numbered percentage of infinity. We all equal to every molecule particle and universe as a perception of everything which is; while we work out how to grow into infinity without being bored to the point of not existing. We careate; we are; we are one person; and we work out how to have infinite power while avoiding destroying ourselves.

This theory can explain any physics phenomena including gravity, static, magnetic, movement, matter, inertia and time .

Some illustrations are near the bottom of  the "Pictures..." page (below). Some samples on this page are summary-level insights into the theory.

A one page partial summary is here:


All movement is by instantaneous steps with pauses in between; in predictable concert with co-dependent similar events. Local conditions determine changes that may happen to each moving pattern, at each step of its movement. Patterns of events, in space, can encounter other events such as smaller particles, which can become light by being changed into light as evidence of having come from elsewhere.  The forms of energy, which become light when transformed, are independent of the relative movements or speed of the source of the particles. Sources and receivers show evidence of energy/being which is exchanged and transformed according to local conditions.

Receivers and senders, of light-causing particles, exchange particles in finite quantities; during zero-movement pauses in between their infinite-speed position changes. Intertia is conditional statistical predictability regarding particle exchanges; not energy per se but dependent on energy particles. Light-forming particles have only apparent-statistical inertia; they produce phenomena such as observable light, according to the characteristics of the receiver in concert with the characteristics of the observer of the receiver... Particles are transmitted and accepted instantaneously regardless of the lengths of the pause-periods of the originating and receiving energy patterns. Light is observed as coming from the receiver because of synchrony between the transmitter and the receiver and their movement situations. In order to exchange particles, items have to synchronize their infinite-speed periods to co-incide enough to get into each other's patterns (of exclusion force-field multi-dimensional concentric oscillations and spatial movement cycles and positions).

Synchrony may be conditionally instant, or it may happen progressively, or never happen. In a 3D universe, for example, bodies are observable and can affect each other strongly because their cycles are compatible so the bodies accept energy particle pattern exchanges; with each other but not with dissimilar oscillating events in the same 3D space; and they are not in other dimensions because of being exclusive to 3D space by the definition of not being synchronous. For gravity, though, exclusion is from everywhere surrounding 3D space and the fact of force-field events having exclusive rights to the same places at the same times. To exchange energy/particles in 3D events are have timing which is peculia to that collection of three dimensions. The "timings" are of their say "zero-crossings" of their oscillations (moving/not-moving) for example on these pages there's often a 2D representation of a 3D analogy of how "zero crossing".

Visualizing events as having "zero crossings" , in their oscillations, may apply to having mutual instant-movement timing . One might say that 3D existence depends on being infinitely synchronous but, also, consider that the rate-of-changes has infinite range between pauses, and instant position-changes (from infinitely slow to infinitely fast oscillations).

Things move in 3D because they are being asymmetrically excluded into 3D space by multi-dimensional surroundings including exclusion from the same places at the same times within 3D space. Inertia and predictability happens because events are co-dependent and repetitive.

Light particles or patterns travel in steps each of which is instantaneous followed by pauses according to the oscillation cycle times of their series of local conditions. The local conditions and cycle times determine how or if the light becomes evidence of the source/s of the light.

Movement happens in steps with distance changes happening in zero time and presence periods lasting as long as the local exclusion-force oscillations determine. The apparent speed of light is determined by the receiver not by the previous experience of the energy particles/oscillations.

All movement is relative to being observed. Every patterns/object/energy/particle has two logical components: One aspect is its unique absolute reality relative to everything; the other is its moment-to-moment balance with its surroundings.

Objects, if sharing the same space and moving relative to each other, have variations in the distribution of their patterns. These variations, of their relative symmetry, act as if surrounding exclusion forces are forcing the objects either together or apart. If the moving objects collide then the relative differences get changed and components can be redistributed and transduced.

Time is not a dimension. We perceive reality sequentially so time seems to have only one-dimension. Time is now. Past, Present and Future describe co-dependent events. All events in space are co-dependent. Components, of complex patterns, can travel instantaneously anywhere; and, with each coming-and-going, all oscillation harmonics acquire characteristics (of size, phase, dimension-distribution and frequency) from wherever they are, to some amount no matter how small.


Key Ideas for visualizing a unified field theory

This page has many of a new set of viewpoints for a unified field theory that works. The paragraphs are numbered for easy referencing. There is some logical progression between some of the paragraphs; which can be read in random order with little difference to sequential reading towards building the overall set of ideas.


Two Golden Sine Waves in multi-dimensional Space

This page, and the diagrams on this website, are for fun; they illustrate abstract ideas and analogies which have two dimensions, three, and more.

Pictures of two lengths of gold wire are bent into sine-waves at right-angles to each other. The 2D images illustrate ideas about events in more than three dimensions.  Abstract ideas can be communicated more easily by seeing and imagining moving 3D CAD models in their 2D photo versios rather than just line drawings. The effort clears the visualization system for making one's own pictures about abstract ideas.

We're mixes of sinewaves in multidimensional space. In the harmonics of the vibrations of all our bits and pieces the smallest are nearly infinitely small; they have details of the whole of Creation.

Two golden wires shaped as sine waves.

Elements And Energy FieldsH1 Hydrogen Atom

Images and ideas about Hydrogen, particles, elements, molecules, compounds, movement and energy.

Light Paths

Light and Electricity Paths

Light and electricity particles travel in stages
between accommodating compatible patterns

Movement, Matter and Energy

7 Golden Balls one translucent.

Sine-Wave Generation

An image to show how a sine-wave is related to a circle.

Circle-To-SineWave relationship

An animated gif about
how miracles work
by changing multi-dimensional oscillations

 Will, intent and tiny things can change gigantic things
by getting at them when they are smaller, vulnerable:
Because they all cross zero, to-from other dimensions;
then their bits and everything can be diverted
like billiard/pool balls colliding on a table.

Pictures for some of the concepts

(No labels)

Is Anti-Gravity Possible?

This essay was adapted from my reply to an email to me about this website. The email included this: "...I read with great interest your theory "Unified Field Theory An Exclusion Force For Everything" respectively antigravity fractal structure presented by you! Do you think this structure, built in 3D, could be the basis of the "anti-gravity platform," Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov? Can you give me more suggestions? "

Beyond Infinity

Concepts beyond human understanding
are more complex than those related to Infinity
as discussed in this article

""How little can something be before it’s too small to have a universe in it? How big is too big to be star in a bigger sky? The mystery opens delightful windows to ideas beyond imaginings about Infinity, to future answers and bigger questions. Infinitely Big means nothing can be bigger, obviously; but how small is infinitely small, without being nothing? Our Universe could be a spark off someone’s shoe on a dry road somewhere else. What if Time and space lets us swap between a big Universe and a little one — would we notice? How many ways are there to have reality to dream in; to dream about things that aren’t real? Is anything not real?"

Notes for An Exclusion Force Unified Field Theory For Everything

"Push, from exclusion forces, causes the pull of gravity, movement, matter, energy and fields. Push, from extra-dimensional locations and events, causes obvious things to act as if mutually attracted. The same exclusion forces cause things to push away from each other." This page is notes; it's not an essay.

A philosophical essay

"Top-bottom; front-back; left-right. These are the dimensions we look at, as people, most of the time. There are as many places to be, all using at least three axes of their own to be in, as there are directions and positions to describe using only three coordinates."

"There are an infinite number of ways to have reality, for something as small as a universe. We may each have a separate reality, shared as much with the whole of Creation, as we wish."

"For infinity to be, with love and the option to be everything for everyone, all at the same time, Time needs to be just something we agree to share and to meet at the same time in the same place and with the same script, stage, audience, a producer who lets us do our thing and a director who's on stage with us and a practiced understanding for everyone to jazz it up and ad lib, yet fit in perfectly."

""For Time to be our agreed illusion ---- where an infinitely-small "present" can stretch to one big Now, or include places we've been, things we've seen, in some sort of order ---- we need instant communications from one side of infinity to the other. Easy: design a system where the speed of vibrations, travelling like sound, like light.....any way they it through a medium that can expand and compress (just enough-close-to-infinitely-less-than-zero) as to let them travel at speeds just close enough to infinite so if infinity stretches, they get to the other side in the same virtually-zero time."

Why I Believe in Miracles

Starting apparently as a collection of aphorisms, this is a physics-related description of realities empowering prayer and reality of miracles.

"...only the summary of everything that exists is the only person who knows Everything; and I believe such a God allows individuals to choose what happens from...let's say "an infinity of possibilities" for a start. An infinitely wide present, for time, negates limits that would be imposed if one-dimensional time could be real. Past, present and future are not separate entities; rather they are as if places, views and memories, in subjective views of Now."
"When the apparently large event is almost non-existent in a particular dimension, then something equal or larger can deflect it...and the tiny sine-wave, by adjusting its timing, can always be bigger (at their zero-crossing points) than events of any size.
This "miracle" producing function is independent of relative size.

A tiny event can deflect a gigantic event by meeting the larger event at a vulnerable tiny part of its presence in 3D space; because much of reality is like combinations of concentric oscillations, moving within and between various dimensions." [Anyway, 3D space is a product of our shared, mutually-dependent intents, perceptions, creativity and beliefs. Love rules; so everything is ok in the Long Term.]

Multidimensional Reality, Energy & Time
(Ghosts, Energy And Reality)

"Gravity is the fact that all things are excluded from dimensions other than the three they have found to be mutually compatible, so exclude each other less, by being in harmony with each other. Gravity is the fact of being pushed towards each other (for everything, not just Earth-to-whatever) because things in the same space tend to tune into each other and be accommodating – less mutually exclusive." This essay is a mix of purely abstract musings, aphorisms and simple descriptions of the basis for a unified field theory.


Introduces the idea of multi-dimensional Fourier maths to describe movements, solids and energy. It says how silhouettes can be described by 360° of a complex wave plotted with a cosine wave on the other axis; and illustrates the concept using another way to get silhouettes from time-domain graph data.

This essay is more like foot-notes. Read the other pages here and leave this to later.

If the concepts of Fourier are related to many more than three dimensions; and the concepts related to simple two-dimensional fractals are adapted, also, to fractals in many dimensions; then our universe, and more, may be described as one musical complex sound.

"A Fourier series has to have a fundamental, a nominal lowest "frequency" for the series to describe a series of events or one layer of a 3D shape as a silhouette. Some events are not necessarily cyclic; but if they can be considered to be a finite series, then for a Fourier-type description the fundamental can be their largest specification for a co-ordinate or axis. One-off events can be described according to how long they go on for and the complications of their progress as harmonics described as ratios of frequency (relative to the fundamental) and phase (timing --- where they cross zero)."
"Similarly, slice by slice, any 3D shape can be described in 3D, provided a fourth axis, or factor, is added, to allow for space within a 3D shape. Add a fifth dimension to describe the positions of the layers and add a sixth dimension (time) and the shape can move."

Did a search find reference to a book
"The Beale Unified Field Theory"?

I wrote that book (with an ISBN) in 1988-9. That book caused my insight about being inside what gets labeled as "Autism" (have to include the word "spectrum") and "Asperger's". I've since had/learned the labels that are related to the insights and found words to describe what I feel it is, even though I'm inside it. Labels happened by qualified, partly-qualified and non-qualified people. That early insight – about imagining I'd written my theory in my book – sped up my somewhat getting out of the bubble...a cage, a barrier that let too much in yet not enough out. Typical was talking/writing incessantly without saying what is clear in my imagination. I realized I could believe/imagine I've said something, yet this could be in my imagination or get out distorted. In that 1988 insight, I had the belief that my favorite theory was in my book...delusional but not more than anybody else about what is real and unreal; just a different reality.  Nowadays I get at least the foundations, the basic keys, into writing enough for people to complete the theory.

A person who's relating to a mildly autistic person, including readers, might feel anger or pity. Some make contact easily; these have some abilities often peculiar to "autism" (whether qualifying for the label or not). Since 1989 – when a relative was kind enough to tell me explicitly that the theory was "...not there..." in my book – I've been breaking out of what I gather can be referred to as an "autism" bubble. Oh, and labels "ADD" and "ADHD" have happened, also by fully qualified and less qualified people, along with less-flattering diagnoses; and I've had some well qualified awesomely/outrageously nice labels, too.

Plenty of outstandingly pleasant people enliven everybody they meet.  I'm getting practice at communicating, especially for people who get labels and for those who love somebody with labels...That's part of getting my theory into words, pictures and videos. And I'm doing it because I can and because I enjoy being alive. Life is supposed to be fun and full of beauty; so when one person is having fun others all get energy and fell they're loved more.

I could write about the two "A" words, and other labels, helpfully. I got through kindergarten, primary away from part-time uni...but got accepted in some work-places...feeling I was faking what others seemed to do automatically. Often I was imitating other people, sometimes getting it right. I've since seen a TED video on YouTube; a person described his experiences using words like mine. Plenty of people are writing about the "A" words and other labels; I'll stick to writing about what I feel I need to do and like the most.

Intentions and will, for writing, get the results using the physical symbols to induce resonances, to channel into the original insights. Often the full communication happens as if in between as well as the explicit words assisting idea-transfers.

Writing, same as words, music and and fine art, often links to the original-source insights.  We all pray and meditate, in our own ways, in everything we do.

People can gain energy, confidence and purpose by reading as by any other type of physical contact with living beings. Words, pictures, sounds... all sensory memories work as three-dimensional tags for multi-dimensional insights and energy transfers. The placebo effect is paramount for healing. Words and sensory impressions act as channels instantly and for as long as they are needed.


We usually perceive time as one-dimensional and moving in only one direction. Perceptions move within multi-dimensional infinite reality, to see events sequentially. Events are evoked dynamically, by being observed multi-dimensionally. We share pathways through multi-dimensional options. We co-create and change possibilities, independent of one-dimensional past, present and future. Now is as wide as we choose.

Only a person who is infinity can be aware of all of infinity. A part, if able to observe only a part of infinity, has to observe time as if time is sequential, in order to be aware of more than a part of infinity.

Density multi-dimensional gravity analogy fractal circles

The above is an example of 2D symmetry representing a closed fractal system. It can get inside itself but not outside its perimeter. Reality is an open fractal system, in an infinity of dimensions, with every part having unique balances of sizes of the harmonics of Everything. Another analogy is to say that Reality is a multi-dimensional hologram; its mathematics would describe a holographic multi-dimensional fractal of infinite complexity. 

A balanced system. Looking at the shape, ostensibly it can combine with other systems because
it seems to have lower exclusion ability top and bottom ,where the white spheres are,
compared to the middle where the scarlet spheres are; so other shapes can get close to mutually form a more stable system than on their own.
The different colours represent the differences in concentric harmony;
illustrating the idea that the white spheres could have more perfect exclusion balance than the red spheres which could have gaps, in their concentric presence, to let other patterns come into those gaps and, combined, the patterns will be less vulnerable to decomposition.

Roses circa 2006

Pond with Ducks by David Beale 2010. Water from an artesian source outlet at about 700'.

Dog Roses in the Australian Bush by David Beale 2006
Lotus Flower by David Beale Vietnam 2012

Dew Drops by David Beale 2005 Minolta F300



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