An Exclusion Force Unified Field Theory For Everything (notes continued)

David Beale

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Density multi-dimensional gravity analogy fractal circles The outermost circle, of the complex of circles here, represents the most usual limit for this pattern of exclusion forces to prevent other complexes from sharing the same places, in 3D space, at the same time. The circles represent spherically-oscillating exclusion-force field pieces which are patterns themselves .

The internal circles represent the places where pieces of exclusion force can come and go from-to other dimensions. Atoms and energy events have variations of this pattern. Actual occupancy, of an available circular place, depends on whether incumbent surrounding patterns are compatible often enough.

The outer boundary is the 3D presence of the circle. It can be any size in 3D regardless of how large it is according to the sum of compatible pieces of exclusion force that are compatible enough to be tangent-to-tangent close to each other.

The tangential touching of the circles represents how these may be phase, frequency and dimensionally compatible so much as to team together to exclude similar patterns from the same places in 3D space.

The outermost circle represents the maximum 3D presence: That's another way of describing density — atomic weight.

The fractal-like complexes could be reproduced indefinitely as circles tangent to circles within circles...
The circles' sizes represent their presence in 3D relative to being mostly in other dimensions.

A universe has many more dimensions than the three normally perceived and experienced as space. Dimensions are co-ordinates – directions to move  – and alternative 3D places-to-be; all in the same 3D  space of a universe.

Hydrogen has the same multi-dimensional exclusion ability as all elements. Hydrogen is the building block for all other elements. All its harmonics work towards presenting the least vulnerable exclusion force to others that could remove it from 3D space. Most of Hydrogen's universal presence is in the universe's dimensions additional to the main three of space.

Hydrogen's oscillations, in 3D, are too simple to present a virtually-continuous exclusion to other events nearby; so first Hydrogen combines with another atom like itself so the pair have some presence in 3D at all times. All elements are clusters of hydrogen atoms moving in a variety of patterns for sharing space.



Matter, energy, movement, gravity and fields have a common basis. They can be described by imagining at least one exclusion force in space having patterns of pressure variations. Parts of everything are local pressure levels cyclically coming and going in three and more dimensions. Patterns share space according to local pressure limits above which they go to other places or dimensions in space.

Space has parallel places for various universes all within the same three-dimensional space. They may be all in one 3D space as a unity with many continuous dimensions.

Push, from exclusion forces, causes the pull of gravity, movement, matter, energy and fields. Push, from extra-dimensional locations and events, causes obvious things to act as if mutually attracted. The same exclusion forces cause things to push away from each other.

Things in 3D space can get larger and smaller, while in the same 3D place, by coming or going away in another dimension. Multi-dimensional reality most likely has an infinite variety of ways to make universes. This writing is about how at least one force field could be making our Universe within more than three logical dimensions.

The exclusion force works within the main three dimensions of space and from other places besides three-dimensional space. The Universe is multi-dimensional, additional to the three dimensions left-right, bottom-top and front-back. It exists in a few dimensions somewhat exclusively while being affected by things in other dimensions.  Whether the extra dimensions are logical or real, they work in 3D space as if additional real alternative places to be.

The universe happens because 3D force-field events are collapsing and expanding, in cycles, in more than three dimensions. These patterns, of various sizes and frequencies, share space in harmony with similar variations within one exclusion-force field, to make everything here.

Perhaps alternative dimensions are frequency dependent. Perhaps they happen because various types of exclusion force have a variety of levels of interaction from zero to mutual exclusion. Perhaps infinity is the number how many coordinates are available for describing directions in space. Regardless of whether the alternative 3D places and alternative coordinates happen, the result is space being multi-dimensional, many more than three.

The unifying force-field has many localized cyclic pressure variations. An example is the background picture here: Two concentric pressure oscillations are taking turns to be fully in 3D or fully elsewhere, and in between. Wherever they happen to be their average pressure-levels adjust to those of events nearby. They tend to exclusively occupy their places in space. They are likely to be in a stable pattern with other such oscillations, sharing locations by moving concentrically mixed with 3D movements.

Time works as a dimension, logically, when viewed sequentially. When considered as Now, time is an infinitely variable path through a permanent reality with infinite variety and size.

David Beale


Gravity happens because all things are being excluded from dimensions other than the three where they are compatible. Within their own three dimensions, things exclude each other less, because of phase compatibility, than they are pushed away from things in surroundings outside three dimentional space.

Gravity behaves logically as attraction. The gravity-causing forces are in other dimensions, pushing everything else together. Gravity is evidence of accommodations between repulsion force levels in various dimensions.

When collections of things have been together in a 3D space then, because of becoming tuned to each other, the peaks and dips in their movements fit together; so they exclude each other less and less as time goes by; so their gravity (to each other) increases over time.

Gravity is things being pushed towards each other. This applies to everything in space, not just Earth-to-whatever. Things in the same 3D space stay there because they are compatible. After arriving, they harmonize with each other more and more, to become less mutually exclusive which causes attraction.

Gravity works as attraction because 3D space is full of the same exclusion-force field activity that makes everything in multi-dimensional space. Pieces of exclusion force can occupy the same place at the same time as others, but only up to the local limits for pressures above which they go elsewhere in 3D and other dimensions.

Other dimensions work like surroundings that have so much complexity they sum as if impenetrable exclusion forces. These leave little room, few gaps, for large patterns to escape from their 3D spaces.  Individual pieces, of large patterns, can more easily swap places with others, in any dimensions. Complex patterns tend to stay in one 3D space.


Movement happens because things in 3D can have parts of their patterns in different places at various times. A perfectly symmetrical pattern could stay at the centre of multi-dimensional space. Away from the centre of space, everything moves in 3D because surrounding exclusion forces are never equal in all directions; so patterns move towards equilibrium.

If a pattern’s exclusion forces are asymmetrical then the pattern gets pushed more in some places than others, by external exclusion forces. Asymmetry happens when patterns have pieces, of exclusion force, in places that are not balanced by other pieces in other places. Asymmetry leads to movement or changes in the numbers and/or the positions of sub-patterns until the larger pattern no longer moves relative to its surroundings.

All movement is relative. To increase movement in any direction may be to decrease movement relative to absolute zero movement while surrounding patterns move faster. Absolute zero movement happens only at the centre of space; which may be moving at any speed relative to the centre of Creation.

Parts of patterns often have traces of the harmonics of patterns they used to be with. Perfect harmony leads to perfect stability; that rarely happens. Complex patterns are likely to break because parts, inside, may move away from each other.


Asymmetry can be because of timing of the various parts, relative to other dimensions; and as some parts alternate between being in 3D space and being elsewhere in multi-dimensional space; and as less-complex parts may visit or leave a more-complex pattern.

In 3D, without an equal extra piece in another place, then that pattern gets pushed by external forces acting on that extra piece. As individuals, all parts increase and decrease their 3D presence both occasionally and cyclically.

The smallest possible pattern is a spherical piece of exclusion-force field that can move in 3D space and between dimensions. When two such pieces form a harmonious relationship then they may alternately occupy the same 3D space at the same time and may move together. The stability of their association depends on the harmony of their oscillations including those retained from fitting in with previous patterns.

One type of force-field occupies multi-dimensional space. Patterns happen in the pressure levels within it while its pressure levels vary relative to nearby similar surrounding force-field pressure-level changes. The extent of the force field is infinite both spatially and dimensionally.

Changes in pressure-levels happen according to interactions between patterns. The patterns of changes tend to be cyclical because of the tendency towards harmony. Absolute harmony happens when no pressure-level changes happen anywhere.

The tendency towards harmony is balanced by an infinite tendency towards variety. Creation has many types of multi-dimensional space and concepts beyond the concepts relative to infinity and the meaning of “space” and “creation”. The unity, the force-field in multi-dimensional space, is influenced by patterns happening in many types of “space”; so patterns, of movements and cycles, always happen.

A typical cause of movement happens when a pattern gets a part pushed from one place leaving a gap where it came from. That gap could get filled by a part from somewhere else; but the two places may not be perfectly opposite — so movement happens because external exclusion forces are imbalanced.

Movement can also happen because of gaining extra bits from elsewhere without gaps inviting extra bits enough to rebalance. Any extra bits, that arrange themselves symmetrically, may stay as the movement stops; then they increase the size of the pattern.

Movement can happen by rearranging bits in patterns, by adding extra bits into patterns, and by removing bits; so exclusion-forces are less in some directions than others, relative to surroundings.

“other dimensions”

“Other dimensions” can be any number of alternative places to be in the same space. Other dimensions can number as many as infinity. Any set of oscillations, of any complexity, is likely to stay in the set of three dimensions that it has been excluded to; because those three dimensions exclude that pattern the least of all the 3D places in Creation. An analogy is water finding its own level.

Bits and pieces of complex patterns can travel instantly anywhere in 3D space and other dimensions. Large patterns have more inertia. Whether patterns move a lot or a little, the smaller oscillations, comprising these patterns, can change dimensions and positions (in other patterns) at infinite speed.

When pieces of complex patterns change their host patterns, the pieces bring harmonics as information and tendencies to duplicate the patterns they have been part of previously. Other dimensions ensure that everything in any three dimensions has the possibility of changing for no apparent reason or precedent.

A note about “coming and going”

The whole of space is occupied by one type of exclusion force. Areas of this swap positions, in 3D and multi-D space, with other pieces. They are of any size from infinitely small yet still present, up to infinitely big yet not everywhere. They come and go, in 3D positions and multiD places, in cycles, in patterns.

Each piece of force-field is incompressible. It has almost infinite individuality of size and frequency, from one cycle in infinity to an infinite number per second, with infinite differences in frequency between an infinite number of pieces. Pieces of exclusion force swap places with other pieces, provided such pieces have compatibility in the peaks and dips of coming-and-going. Some places have more activity than others, with huge areas with no activity mixed with areas of high activity; with the sum being one exclusion force occupying infinity.

Rarely are two pieces of force-field the same; however, such does happen and, if they happen to be perfectly 180 ° phase-related, then they stay as a pair forever; otherwise they form a pair until their phase differences break them apart — sooner or later depending on their circumstances  

Is gravity the same throughout space?             


There are places in space where the patterns have been together for only a short time, so these have a weak mutual accommodation to each other relative to how much they are excluded from other dimensions. For example, a planet could be a few times the size of Earth yet only have as much attraction as its compatibility with Earth — so the mutual coming-together could be less effective than between the Earth and the moon.

Earth's gravity is the summary of everything on Earth relative to everything else in the solar system. Only presumption supports the concept that gravity is uniform throughout the Universe. Likely, even, is that some elements and compounds on Earth have greater apparent density because their gravity (weight-for-size) is greater than other substances; however, gravity is related to harmonic balances betyween external and mutual exclusion; so gravity should be considered as being peculiar to the substance that is regarded as having gravity properties. Gravity is a function of how exclusion forces, in patterns, are compromising between being excluded from other dimensions while being less excluded from nearby 3D collections of exclusion forces, in patterns. If a group of exclusion-force patterns, such as a rock, is said to be very dense, than it might be so becauser of its oscillations being in better complementary harmony, with the average for Earth, than other oscillation patterns.

Gravity depends on compatibility between things in 3D space. Things can enter 3D space, from other dimensions, with various amounts of compatibility; and, over time, their compatibility with each other will increase, because of induction making minute changes to their ability to synchronize their exclusion-force patterns.

We do not know how many dimensions logically surround our 3D space by sharing the same 3D space and excluding/composing our 3D Universe. That is "how many" would be needed to cause gravity. If all other dimensions are included in the mix, then those gravity exclusion forces that are external to 3D would uniformally push-exclude (cause gravity) the same for everything in 3D; in which case gravity variations would depend on harmony differences between the events in 3D, only. However, if only a small number of external dimensions are involved, for producing gravity, then variations in harmony between events in 3D, relative to other dimensions, would define 3D density according to how much the patterns are excluded from external dimensions.

Possibly, all elements have the same density, by occupying many more than three dimensions, as all other events in 3D space, including events so transparent and accepting that they produce vacant 3D "Space" as we know it. However, space is uniformally fully occupied by an exclusion force; and events in 3D space, that we consider to be matter and energy, are made by concentric oscillations of exclusion-force presences in their main 3D space areas and many other dimensions. The exclusion force is almost incompressible. The "speed of sound" is infinite, within it, for compression-expansion waveforms. What takes time to move, in 3D space, is the rate, in linear time, of 3D movement-and-pause sequences where the movement is infinitely fast between stations where the oscillations pause, fitting in with the local clock that determines the speed of light for that area in space.

Gravity, in space, depends on things being gravity-compatible with each other. A lot more matter could be in space than we are aware of by such as observing deviations of the orbits of planets. Some of the unknown matter might have come from other dimensions long after that which has had time to be compatible with our Sun and its planets. Other pieces of matter might not yet have found much other matter that they are compatible with, so would have almost zero gravity yet have gigantic size.

Places in space could have gravity, between planets, larger than they would have with planets in our solar system. There should, for example, be places in space where our Earth might find a planet smaller than our moon but with more gravity than our moon, for Earth and the little planet to be pushed together strongly.

Gravity is a function of density in 3D space and the compatibility of the objects exhibiting gravity.

A note about density

Density is the amount of variations, swapping places in a force field, that exhibit in 3D space relative to the how much they are in other dimensions. The Earth has matter in it with more presence in 3D space than the surrounding space; but the “nothing” in outer space is fully occupied, but not in the main three dimensions. The same exclusion force is present throughout the Universe. Matter that is solid, compatible with matter on Earth, varies in density not at all, when all dimensions are accounted for. In an absolutely-empty 3D space, all matter and energy would be in dimensions other than the three that are space in our Universe.

A 3D space occupies lots of unique dimensions, to form a universe.

A note about gravity-movement effects

Everything moving has gravity-like exclusion forces, pushing from other dimensions, surrounding (axial to) the direction of movement.

In order to move, events in other dimensions (and the usual three) have to get out of the way. While getting out of the way, they are intruding more on their surroundings in all dimensions. The surroundings push back, causing them to be pushed towards the moving object. This is one of the many reasons that aircraft wings provide lift: more air moves over the top of the wing than over the bottom, so the gravity-attraction forces “pull” the top of the wing towards the air flowing over that. Similarly, when air passes across an opening of a tube, any fluid in the tube is pushed (attracted) towards the air flow.  

A note about energy compared with matter

Matter and energy are both formed by pieces of force-field swapping places, in patterns. Sometimes they travel in 3D space, sometimes they travel multi-dimensionally; either way parts of the patterns are moving and the patterns themselves are moving spatially and between dimensions. When patterns form complex stable relationships, they show more in 3D space than in other dimensions, compared with equal-size patterns that have most of their variations outside the main three.  


A Unified Field Theory says that one force-field can cause what we observe physically in the Universe. The force field occupies more than three dimensions which may be logical and real additions to left-right, bottom-top and back-front.


Time, for most of this theory, is all time — past, present and future blended. However, this theory claims that what we see as a reality is limited by perceiving time as a one-dimensional sequence. The relationships between events exist independent of time; observations move, events do no not necessarily move

How Exclusion Force causes Movement

 Tendencies to move, in 3D space, happen because exclusion forces, in a collection of pieces of such forces, are excluded from multi-dimensional surroundings asymmetrically. Movement happens because of exclusion, directionally, coming from within the same 3D space and/or from multi-dimensional space. Physical movement is caused by exclusion forces for most conventional physics and engineering realities.

Movement can also happen without involving exclusion forces: Events happen in patterns that can shift in 3D space to anywhere at any speed up to instantaneously. Presently, physics and engineering do not understand or use technology or human intentions to cause movement or supposed "anti gravity" phenomena.  


  Probably every element began as Hydrogen which combines with itself in increasingly complex patterns to form all other elements.

 Here is an extract from my home-page.

An introduction for the basic idea in this theory

One exclusion force can construct a whole Universe, and more. Patterns of coming-and-going happen cyclically between various areas of an exclusion-force field to produce stable exclusive patterns in 3D. All phenomena of movement, inertia, fields, energy and particles can be described by multi-dimensional mathematics similar (but in multiple dimensions) to a Fourier Series or similar list of frequencies, phases and sizes relative to each other. The multi-dimensional description does not have to move, rather it describes facts/formulae about outlines, presence-absence, fundamental frequencies from zero to infinity, phase and size relationships between those frequencies. The analogy to a Fourier Series is because such is understood to describe relationships between harmonics and their fundamental (lowest) frequency in the set, regarding their relative sizes and their shapes, with regard to the frequency of the fundamental.  In the same way a circle can be described by a sine-wave plotted with a cosine wave, any perimeter can be described by a Fourier Series. Extending the concept of perimeter to multiple dimensions, allows "square" waves of presence-absense (for hollow shapes) crossed with multi-dimensional Fourier-type series elements, to describe all particles and events in 3D space. The facts of the Fourier Series (extended) combine with Fractal mathematics, to produce multi-dimensional phenomena that are static, if viewed from enough dimensions, and moving if the viewpoint is in 3D and presuming one-dimensional time.

The concepts below include "pressure levels" as if these are variations in the pressure of the force-field. That is an analogy, not a fact; the force-field is non-compressible; it gets it effective "compression" level variations by being more-and-less present-absent in a 3D area while being absent-present in other dimensions, according to the Fourier series of the harmonics of the oscillations of at least two areas sharing a space approximately or exactly concentrically so as to exclude pieces of force fields, moving from other dimensions into the same 3D area occupied by a synchronous pair. A single force-field oscillation has to move in and out of a 3D space continuously or it has to move from place-to-place in three dimensions in order to occupy gaps, in force-field presence, in those dimensions.


I believe in miracles 3d90anm.gif (27751 bytes)

By shifting timing and
because reality has more than three dimensions, 
intent can have any power it needs
no matter how tiny might be its 3D presence

The magenta line is has almost zero size.
It represents a tiny oscillation.
It's almost infinitely small; but like each of us, it is also
a known percentage of infinity.

The vertical sine-wave represents a large oscillation (vibration).
A single sine-wave, it represents a vibration of any complexity.

The horizontal sine-wave represents other places and times
for the vertical wave (vibration) to be in.

The picture represents a multi-dimensional reality
using a 2D illustration of a 3D analogy.
The reason for the picture is to show how a tiny vibration can bounce-deflect and guide a huge vibration.

To gain control of the gigantic vibration,
the tiny vibration adjusts it timing so it crosses zero
just ahead of the larger vibration.
So the huge vibration is bounced/deflected
according to the intent of the small vibration.



A numbered percentage of infinity is equal to infinity.

A little thing
can dominate an apparently gigantic thing
especially if the little thing is alive and can adjust itself
and especially if the big thing is less conscious.

Although the size-difference might let the little thing seem hopeless against the big thing,
by the little thing getting the timing perfect in its oscillations
then eventually every part of the big thing can be
modified or even completely caused to go away.

Another analogy:  A hard ball hits another that's not moving...
the formerly-moving ball stops and the hit ball moves;
and (if both have zero hysteresis) then the hit ball moves at the same speed
in the same direction as the original!

Pool-balls exchange movement, well!!

The balls above are in the same dimension-set.
The idea in the above picture considers more than three dimensions;
in which 3D size differences are cancelled
by multi-dimensional timing priorities

In multiple dimensions, movement exchange is regardless of sizes.
A tiny event can shift its timing
to exclude or direct a large event into alternative dimensions

It's about being bigger at the right times in the right places;
enough to reflect/divert/bounce something many-times one's size.


Everything is made of multi-dimensional oscillations,
many of which are concentric,
they form stable groups and predictable sequential events.

Any event, no matter how small,
can change another event of any size
by adjusting its timing to that of the larger event.

Why I believe in Miracles

Fractal, Fourier and Other Maths in Multiple Dimensions

The picture of seven circles in a bounding circle, symmetrically and all the same size, could be represented by a formula. Extending the formula, to put tangential circles in all spaces, may be similar to the formula for a fractal with the possibility of an infinite number of circles in the spaces whos shapes replicate.

The familiarity, of fractals, happens because they are produced according to formulas. Creation uses fractal formulas, mixing them in multiple dimensions with non-fractal resonances and harmonies. The picture of the seven circles, here, shows how the formula for a fractal can extend to infinity in one direction only --- the direction, in this case a 2D fractal, that can extend to the circles being infinitely small yet never reaching zero. The whole of creation extends asymptotic to infinity, multi-dimensionally.

This type of fractal formula can be done in 3D. The reason for the diagram being tangential is to represent the boundaries of exclusion-force fields. The boundaries represent the extend beyond which further intrusions send units either into other dimensions or spatially elsewhere in 3D space.

Another set of drawings, at shows a few tries to illustrate the idea, that uses at least four dimensions, about how exclusion-force fields can be all the same stuff, different sizes, different places at different times, for their pressure-levels; so they compromise and harmonize into the reality we know. The illustrations show how matter and energy are uniform throughout this part of Creation (our universe) but, in different places at different times, the presence in 3D may be variable.

All matter, energy and shapes can be represented by a cross between multi-dimensional fractals and Fourier series mathematics extended into multiple dimensions. The below 2D analogies show harmonic stacking graphed in time-domain order, compared with graphing in circular format (not cosine for the Y axis --- just relative to a central point) to produce a silhouette.

The minimum number of equal circles, that can be contained within the circumference of a bounding circle, may be likened to the "fundamental" of fractals.

The most simple way, of occupying the space between the circles, will be an analogy to the fundamental of a Fourier Series, for Fractal purposes.

All matter and energy, in 3D and multiple dimensions, follows mathematical analogies to Fourier series, with regard to the distribution of fundamentals and harmonics so as to describe shapes, in multiple dimensions.

Atoms and molecules are theoretical constructs trying to describe matter and energy as if the two words are describing different things. Matter an energy are aspects of reality, according to how they are being viewed from a limited concept of "present" regarding time.

If you've ever tried to construct the equivalent of the 7 circles within circles, as a 3D collection of spheres, you'll see how non-round and uneven the surface is. The explanation of how elements form with variety, can be helped by visualizing putting enough harmonics, in the otherwise-vulnerable points, to present as spherical a combination as possible --- or a DNA-type spiral. I found it virtually impossible to get the "exclusion forces" symmetrical without leaving bumps and dips, vulnerabilities...In some way, one could say that a stable inert element is a perfect sphere, considering multiple dimensions. Anyway, collections of spheres, oscillating concentrically (in other dimensions) and, also, moving in 3D, are a good as an analogy for vizualizing how matter and energy have so many quasi-stable forms. I believe that the DNA 3D spiral, in multi-dimensions, would come out as a relatively invulnerable sphere.

Matter and energy phenomena happen because of interactions between spherical exclusion-force field entities of various sizes, frequencies and phases. They come to compromises as to where and when they share space in multiple dimensions. Their patterns have temporal stability because they exclude other force-fields from the same spaces at the same times, in their oscillations phases, as they attempt to occupy any low-density (exclusion-density) spaces. Various patterns, of concentric oscillations in >3D and 3D movement, form our temporal reality by coming to compromises between totally excluding each other as compared with combining to form a neutral inactive stability.

The near impossibility, in 3D, of covering all spaces with equal amounts of exclusion – without peaks and dips in the complex harmonics mixes account for the instability of matter and energy, and the constant interactions and tendencies to compromises between chaos and perfect harmony. The seven-spheres, in 2D, and their equivalent in 3D, are analogies to one of the countless variations in constructions of matter, energy and movement.

Mathematics can be applied to anything that has stability, for reasons of how the various spaces, in the patterns of reality, are filled. Fractals may have a bounding box for their upper limit; but all matter has fractal characteristics, especially regarding how it fills the vulnerable spaces in the concentric oscillations and the movements of its component exclusion-force fields.

David Beale 2012-13


The above picture shows a circular plot of a  0°—360° time-domain graph,  to make a silhouette. The rotation value is constant (not a cosine wave relative to the waveform).
Force-fields constitute energy and matter as multi-dimensional variations of sine, cosine and fixed values of presence levels, with harmonics, as multi-dimensional Fourier Series systems.

This gif illustrates a Fourier series of a wave comprised by four harmonics (3 plus fundamental) phases as all cross zero together.

The gif below shows the harmonics with their peaks in phase.

The Shape of a Multi-dimensional Creation

The shape of anything can be described by a multi-dimensional version of Fourier's maths theory.  Fourier's maths can describe level-variations according to time (by describing level-variations according to the individual frequency components).  Variations of any complexity can be resolved as being a collection of pure sinusoidal components and their timing and size relative to the slowest frequency being considered in the set.  {Cosines are calculated instead of sine because the standing level of the cosine is an actual level whereas if sine was used the value would be zero.]

The difficulties of getting an algorithm, for a practical of Fourier maths transformation, begin with for example the question of "what is the lowest frequency, to which the others shall be related in frequency, phase and amplitude?"....  I believe every breath of wind is related, in its waxing and waning, to the finest details of the music in our lives.  Harmony is in everything.  Complexity is infinite; so harmony hides in complexity.  Getting a Fourier series out of a sample of a noisy bit of pop music would be relatively easy (especially if the drums are perfectly tuned --- like electronic!).  In Creation there are events that, although apparently irrelevant to each other according to our understandings, are perfectly in harmony with everything that exists.  So how complex would the maths be, for a Creation that has oscillations exchanging between an infinite number of dimensions and phase; a Creation that uses time as if the same as space?  Fourier might be, in some future/parallel time, in absolute heaven, working out the algorithms for the Fourier Series for the Whole of Creation!

By extending the maths theory (ascribed to Fourier) into a multi-dimensional system, then anything can be said to comprise a collection of concentric simple (sinusoidal) variations in presence in the nominated three dimensions.  These multi-dimensional variations exchange places in whatever collection of dimensions they are getting excluded to.

The concentric-spheres picture

The concentric-spheres picture is for the idea of concentric spheres, in pairs, sharing mutual positions in 3D space.  Their average pressure levels of their combined exclusion forces allow them to exclude other force-fields from the same 3D space to allow pairs to comprise stable patterns when grouped with similar force-fields. 

The patterns that pairs team up with, and how often they appear in 3D space, is according to patterns in dimensions other than the first three. Individual force-fields occupy many dimensions during their oscillation cycles.

Most matter and energy phenomena can be described using multi-dimensional Fourier series; extending to many more dimensions than the primary 3; to define where and when force-fields are; according to the descriptions of their perimeter confining "shape" multi-dimensional outlines as fundamentals and harmonics related according to size, frequency and phase.  is ongoing for transferring knowledge and inventions to the public domain. A set of new concepts has been invented and proven by new electronics for non-destructive materials analysis, remotely, using near-field EM.

 An essay, Beyond Infinity, is about how concepts can be beyond human logic about Infinity.


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