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2D-3D to 4D Analogy Gif

  David Beale 2014
By shifting timing and
because reality has more than three dimensions,
intent can have any power it needs
no matter how tiny might be its 3D presence
The magenta line is has almost zero size.
It represents a tiny oscillation.
It's almost infinitely small; but like each of us, it is also
a known percentage of infinity.
The vertical sine-wave represents a large oscillation (vibration).
A single sine-wave, it represents a vibration of any complexity.
The horizontal sine-wave represents other places and times
for the vertical wave (vibration) to be in.
The picture represents a multi-dimensional reality
using a 2D illustration of a 3D analogy.
The reason for the picture is to show how a tiny vibration can bounce-deflect and guide a huge vibration.
To gain control of the gigantic vibration,
the tiny vibration adjusts it timing so it crosses zero
just ahead of the larger vibration.
So the huge vibration is bounced/deflected
according to the intent of the small vibration. 

A numbered percentage of infinity is equal to infinity.
A little thing
can dominate an apparently gigantic thing
especially if the little thing is alive and can adjust itself
and especially if the big thing is less conscious.
Although size-differences might let a little thing seem hopeless, against a big thing,
by the little thing getting the timing perfect, in its oscillations,
then eventually every part of the big thing can be
modified or even completely caused to go away.
Another analogy: A hard pool ball hits another that's not moving...
the formerly-moving ball stops and the hit ball moves;
and (if both have zero hysteresis) then the hit ball moves at the same speed
in the same direction as the original!
Pool balls, will and intent all exchange and cause movement easily.
In the analogy above, the balls are in the same set of three dimensions.
The idea in the picture here considers more than three dimensions;
in which 3D size differences are cancelled
by multi-dimensional timing priorities.
In multiple dimensions, movement exchange may happen regardless of sizes in 3D.
A tiny event can shift its timing
to exclude or direct a large event into alternative dimensions.
It's about being bigger at the right times in the right places;
enough to reflect/divert/bounce something many-times one's size
or to do something impossible to do if we only had three dimensions.
Everything is made of multi-dimensional oscillations,
many of which are concentric.
They form into stable groups and cause predictable sequential events.
Any event, no matter how small,
can change another event of any size
by adjusting its timing to that of the larger event.

Why I believe in Miracles

2D View of a 3D image of a 4D function  
This image is from the 90s when browsers were ok with animated gifs.
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Two rings of concentric force-field oscillations and a pattern in 3D space
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