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A Theory About Multidimensional Reality, Energy & Time

"Ghosts, Energy & Reality" David Beale 2012-2015

We limit our reality

Ghosts, and things that go bump in the night, happen in a multidimensional reality continuous with the most popular three dimensions. People get conditioned to know only a limited selection of dimensions. Humans grow to subscribe to an exclusive reality made by...what? Let's say three-dimensional dreams and one-dimensional time?

Alleged reality is a collection of illusions, remembered by imagination cued by senses.

Our senses  communicate in many dimensions.

 Life and death, who am I ?

"I am"depends on imagination. A person senses external events and feels according to what's presented by imagination then the body prepares relative to the needs of the spirit. The hormones, the brain-functions of all cells and everything with individuality...all are synchronized.

Individuality is about synchronization of cells from microbes in the gut to each universe being just another star in the sky of a bigger gut . Individual synchronization can be perfect as a person is a numbered percentage of infinity. When synchronization is lost, by a collection of individuals comprising the larger individual, then evidence of individuality disintegrates.

So death is loss of synchrony; when this happens decay sets in. Particles, atoms, molecules, bacteria, human cells...all are individual groupings of energy unless organized with an individual's synchrony.

What is consciousness ?

A person can never be unconscious; at the lowest a person still is aware of self and observing what is different from self.

Consciousness is a mix of memories and imagination; of imagining what has not yet happened while remembering things that have happened. The present, in such a system, only exists as a concept, for being really only the zero time between past and future.

Consciousness is imagination. Perception and reality happen according to the imaginations of conscious beings. A person's consciousness makes past present and future may blend together for time to be sensed as wide and dominant. Present time presents options as to where to go from a human point of view.

What is reality ?

Descriptions of reality are understandings of memories reliable according to the defintions of the group of people.

We tend to perceive stimulia as only in three dimensions. We exist within and are affected by and effected by a multi-dimensional mutually-dependent reality .

What is time ?

We may grow, open spiritually and regard time as Now. We still may only explore within our hologram, section by section, part by part…sequentially; not all at the same time. We live in a place where Time is, for us, sequential…conditionally, yes, but…For us, Time does have a past, a present and a future. We may, however, consider our present to be extremely large, rather than infinitely small as, logically, it seems to be.

Considering Time as a huge Now, presents us with options as to where to go in time. Individual viewpoints, of Now, are open to the imaginative personality of the perceiver.


Our memories are as much our future as our present or past.

Processes In Bodies?

We may seem to be processes in bodies that accept into consciousness only data that is presented in a culturally determined selection of three dimensions. Our bodies follow directions from our >3D selves.

Presently human science and philosophy mostly chose to doubt or arbitrarily reject evidence and logic for reality having more than three dimensions. Time is deemed most often to be only one-dimensional – a straight line. Can time can only be a logical-conceptual “dimension”?

Is time a co-ordinate?

Time is essential for our human three dimensions. We follow personal paths to evoke reality according to the light of our individuality reflecting from the whole of reality which works like a multi-dimensional hologram.

Time is culturally sequential for the group I was born into; but I now believe time is only Now. A straight line could be any part of the perimeter of a circle of infinite diameter. A straight line may be a true line – not part of a circle nor part of a very complex waveform. A straight line may be part of a circle with a boundary at infinity. We could know what sort of lines we see; by using ordinary "extra" sensory impressions.

One Force

Observing reality as we see it, we may realize everything as being in a complex of cycles within cycles. Everything fits in with everything else, while moving, and everything is made of smaller things that also move, and also fit in with everything else – they either fit in, or are pushed out into alternative dimensions.

Many oscillations, of energy, cycle between many more than three dimensions. They fit in wherever they find space that allows their peaks, of presence in 3D, to fit into the dips of other bits of energy they are harmonically compatible with – that is, they synchronize together.

If everything that exists – at least in our 3D universe – is made of just one type of exclusion-energy force, then bits of that force may move around, in a dance, to form everything. Given more than three dimensions to move around in, then complex events are produced as energy, matter, movement, inertia…everything within our reality…Everything can be made by patterns of movement, of bits of force-field presence, moving-interacting-cycling inter-dimensionally and intra-dimensionally.   All things we know of are made of pieces of one exclusion-force field. They exclude, from their own space, pieces of the same type of force, from the same 3D space at the same time; and they are all moving, changing dimensions and within sets of dimensions. Things that go bump in the night, ghosts, spirits, gnomes, fairies, angels, cherubs – everything in our religions and sciences – live and have their realities, somewhere within our shared multidimensional space.


Everything fits in with everything else, to some extent. To get from one place to another, everything in between has to be either pushed out of the way, temporarily, or one has to shift between alternate dimensions to avoid what would block progress by being in the same place, in three dimensions, as one would prefer to be in.

Air gets out of the way of a moving car, because the air cannot just pass through the car as if the car is not there while moving. Energy – light, heat, matter…everything – when moving, has to fit in with everything in multi-dimensional space, in between.

To facilitate movement and change, the comings-and-goings, of force-fields in many dimensions, have to synchronize for the things moving and things in the way.


All the bits and pieces of force-field, comprising anything that can move, have to swap places in space and between dimensions in the same space. They have to fit in with other bits of exclusion force that would, otherwise, block the progress of movement.

This synchrony is observed as the speed of light, and how light has to fit in with everything in its path, to get from place to place in space. Light moves instantaneously from the source to anywhere it can fit in so, when the destination is ready, the light exhibits at a pace according to its destination and allowing for observations of destinations intermediate between the source of the light and the observation destination. The "speed of light" exemplifies the conundrum of describing reality as multi-dimensional with time as a unity yet we live in a co-created reality experienced as sequential events.

Our 3D world, by having many more dimensions for its parts to share, enables movement; and movement usually takes time, because movement happens as a series of steps.  

Energy by Resonance and Harmony

Multi-dimensional space has many forms of energy in it. Heat energy – electromagnetic – is usually thought of as either going through things without interfering much – like radio into a house – or being absorbed and raising the temperature like the Sun warming us.

There's another way for energy to be absorbed: by resonance. When we get into harmony with some types of energy, then we attract that energy to us. An example happens, also, with electromagnetic energy, such as radio: In the early days of radio there were no transistors, no valves…no amplifiers. Radio could be listened to only very quietly.

The earliest radios, called "crystal sets" needed no  batteries nor mains power. They made sound out of electro-magnetic energy (which is like light) from the broadcasting transmitter.

The radio (electromagnetic) energy came from radio stations.  Their energy was received by aerials and tuning circuits of passive resonant receivers (crystal sets).

My first crystal set's aerial was about thirty metres (100 feet) of aerial cable. We lived a few kilometres (couple of miles) from a low-powered radio station.
The signal was enough for music to very quietly fill my room. On a table, an old telephone earphone worked as a loudspeaker.

The amount of energy going into that little loudspeakers, was…? The aerial cable was a few strands of copper and one of steel.

If that receiving aerial had been one fine gold wire 1/25" (1mm) thick, it could have gathered the same amount of energy as the cluster of wires (7 strands) the crystal set used.

So Much Energy from such a tiny area!

The amount of energy, gathered by a resonant energy-gathering system (such as a crystal-set aerial) is many times more than the transmitted energy density measured only in the actual space that would be occupied by the aerial.

A 1mm diameter aerial wire area has a cross-section area of pi (3.14159...) mm. Times 100feet is 30,480 times pi in actual area --- close enough to 100,000 cubic mm or 1/10th litre or about 1/5th US pint.

The radio transmitter was about 2 miles away. The energy picked up by the crystal-set aerial is, let's say as high as 1/1000th Watt.

The amount of air surrounding the radio transmitter, for two miles (sideways and up)... Let's use Kilometers; 2KM radius * 2pi = 12,500sqM; * 2KM = 25.5 million cubic meters. One cubic meter is 1Million cubic mm;  25 million million cubic mm divided by 100,000 is 250 million. 2,000 watts/250million...about 8 microWatts.

Do the calculations yourself --- did I miss a few zeroes? I believe the idea, regardless.

If an aerial wire occupies space with a capacity of say 100 cubic mm, that's generous. Similar results, using circuits more efficient than my crystal set, can get 1/1000th of a Watt of energy from a 1,000 Watt radio transmitter 1,000 metres away with a 1mm thick wire 30 metres long.

In proportion to the amount of energy found by a small length of wire, for the radio energy density, around the aerial wire, to be the same everywhere (whether a tuned radio-receiving wire was there or not) then the  radio transmitter would have to be more powerful….more like a nuclear power station's output, as radio energy... yet a little local radio station can provide music in a room, enough to hear. The passive receiver gathers the energy by resonance --- tuning in; harmony.

Getting energy by blocking and absorbing radiation, like being warmed, is a different way for getting energy, compared to gathering energy by resonance.

Energy increases are say “proactive” when energy is gathered by tuning, harmony, resonance, acceptance... The word “spiritual” applies, for such energy. "Chi" is a word that refers to spiritual energy.

Multi-dimensional spiritual energy powers the physical world within which light (electromagnetic energy) is spiritual energy in 3D space. Light and solid matter are both the same energy in different modes --- similar to the way water can be ice, steam, liquid and plasma.

Our words and cultural training only partly make our reality. They shape our opinions and presumptions about what reality is, causing most humans to be poverty stricken regarding the types and quantities of energy we use.

We seek and waste destructive heat energy. We should be tuning into multi-dimensional energy. Perhaps future generations will melt ice while comfortably in it – like the mythical monks – mythical...? I believe the concepts and realities regarding "chi" will be clear and ordinary... for the future...because alternatives are terminal.

Natural Antennas

Gathering energy, by resonance, happens when receivers are complementary with transmitters. Each transmitter sets up a disturbance in space. The stress is a tendency to push other pieces of exclusion-force out of the way. They always continue to exist; so they compromise where and when they are in more than three coordinates, to fit in with each other.

Resonance can transfer energy. Perfectly adjusting an energy receiver's resonant-frequency and phase – timing – lets that place's exclusion forces  fit together like a compromise, concentrating energy there. 

Receivers form as places for exclusion forces, in various dimensions, to push energy into place where it can do useful work (in little loudspeakers, for example).

Radio transmission-reception works like gravity.

Transmitter and receiver may be mutual; to gather energy by resonances beyond their multi-dimensional fractal boundaries. [Fractal "boundaries" relate to fractals being asymptotic to infinitely small, not towards being infinitely big.  Fractals can have boundaries.]

What is Gravity

Gravity is the fact that all things are excluded from dimensions other than the three they have found to be mutually compatible in; so there they exclude each other less, by being in harmony with each other in 3D.

Gravity is the fact of being pushed towards each other (for everything, not just Earth-to-whatever) because things in the same space tend to tune into each other and be accommodating – less mutually exclusive.

Gravity works because our 3D space is also full of the same type of exclusion-force field activity that makes everything in 3D space. Other dimensions, we see through our imaginations, work as forces  surrounding the three we mostly live in, pushing everything together.

Creation is bathed in abundant energy, available from other dimensions; like water in a dam ready to be a hydro-electric plant. We may tune into and use these types of energy, to any level we allow ourselves.

Directional Movement in 3D

Things in 3D space fit together well enough for external exclusion forces (in other dimensions) to push them together (that's gravity).

Things in 3D space are complex patterns stable enough to exclude other patterns rather than break up into their constituent bits of light-energy oscillations (concentric, like the background picture).

Patterns pick up bits of extra force-field energy, that stays with the patterns until disturbed.

When stable 3D patterns gain or lose extra (temporary) bits of exclusion energy in one place, without balance diametrically opposite, then the pattern-plus-extras gets pushed by forces external to the 3D pattern; so the pattern moves away from the pushing forces. All movement is by being pushed directionally from multi-dimensional surroundings; extra to being excluded to a particular set of 3D coordinates.
Movement in 3D space is by having more or less bits of energy unevenly on stable patterns; then they move relative to each other.

Similarly, magnetic and static forces are observed because they can cause movement; and movement is energy; and all energy is relative to being observed.

All movement is relative to a reference; all energy is relative to its reference.
Movement and energy can be changed in 3D without changing 3D inertia
by changing the multi-dimensional mix and reference .

The Third Eye

All shapes in our bodies act as aerial systems tuned to receive some type and frequency of energy. The “Third Eye”, for example, tunes into energies for both communications and energy reception of the types the "third eye" gets.

Additional to biochemical, mechanical and bacterial functions; all cells, organs, bones, muscles...use their shapes for resonant communications and energy gathering .

Two and three-dimensional patterns, by being organized – harmonious –  can gather energy by resonating with compatible sources in many dimensions.

Our thoughts and human spiritual emotions trigger energy in our bodies, in many more dimensions than the three our bodies mostly seem to be in.

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