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by David Beale

This essay was adapted from my reply to an email to me about this website. The email included this: "...I read with great interest your theory "Unified Field Theory An Exclusion Force For Everything" respectively antigravity fractal structure presented by you! Do you think this structure, built in 3D, could be the basis of the "anti-gravity platform," Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov? Can you give me more suggestions? "

People usually think of fractals as having only two dimensions. To date I've seen fractals in 2D, only; some presented 3D impressions, but the pictures had only two coordinates.  I believe fractal maths can/will use any number of co-ordinates.

Although fractals can decrease in size, down to infinitely small, they can have a bounding perimeter or a non-fractal single root — like trees, if one hides the fractal structure of the roots of trees. Trees and most things in Nature follow fractal patterns in at least three dimensions. Fractal mathematics' limitations will extend into an infinite number of dimensions; that is probably already a reality.

Mandelbrot's breakthrough can or could be combined with a boundary (perimeter with one or more harmonics) based on Fourier mathematical frequency-domain descriptions. These would describe the shapes of perimeters using a Fourier series of period, harmonics, their phase relationships and sizes. Such boundaries can be multi-dimensional.

A 3D structure can have its gravity modulated and reversed. Consciousness with intent, of a living being, is a reality in multiple dimensions. Consciousness communicates and initiates three-dimensional events. All dimensions are continuous and in the same place in space. A person can affect a machine using 3D physical events. A person, being multi-dimensional, can cause a finger to move; that's multi-dimensional reality changing 3D reality.  Future technology will also affect movement and gravity events with reliability at least equal to a person's ability to move a finger.

 Movement and gravity changes can happen without exchanges of heat/inertial energy. Infinite instant speed and direction changes can happen to complex systems and tiny systems; conceptually there is only a small difference between the smallest particle and a whole Universe, and beyond. Structures can exhibit independence from time, space and heat-type energy inertia.

For any complex pattern of particles, changes of position (movement changes) are regarded, by by most physics theories, as changes to amounts of heat energy in the moving structure. Structures keep their integrity even while moving through space fast enough to cause, if interrupted, their structural integrity to disintegrate into radiant energy; yet their inertial directional energy is evident only if changing relative to other structures. One method, of movement without inertia, could be by changing the relationships between structures in space. That could be done by, for example, magnetic or static fields applied to the structure so its constituent particles align to an alternative object in the Universe, instead of the object/s it is moving/stationary relative to. Considering that extremely subtle multi-dimensional intent can direct large and complex events in 3D (such as walking) just by wanting to, the application of the technological "intent" can happen by tiny resonance changes to any stage of the fractal system then these changes will trigger compliant resonant/synchronization changes in both increase and decrease of rank-size in the fractal system.

Examples of anti-gravity and movement without inertia happen routinely in Nature. Viktor Schauberger observed and theorized beautifully and accurately regarding how gravity and movement are conditional rather than absolute say "rules". Gravity and inertia are subject to "laws of physics" higher than most understandings of physics can agree with. A suggestion, here, is to examine the acceleration rate-changes for salmon swimming upstream, when they ascend while above the water's surface. Another example is to examine the energy-transfers necessary for fish to swim, apparently effortlessly, against the current. As a child, I observed often how the larvae of insects, some quite large, could be stationary under the surface of water that could push my hand when I put it into the water in the same places (that was before such little streams of water all got polluted, dirty and dead). Another observation is how in a fast-moving train, with winds moving faster than flies can fly, a small cloud of insects outside the open train window could move as if the air was not moving. The flying-insects example might be an optical illusion; another set of observations is very real and easy to find: We live on the side of a hill; we can look into a valley over a steep embankment with tall tree branches at the same level as our eyes when standing in our car-parking area. At times even when the wind movement is zero, when the trees are motionless and the air is cool, and regardless of weather conditions, birds can move from tree to tree without any apparent acceleration nor deceleration, with almost zero movements of their wings other than to glide, without losing height, without there being any apparent updrafts of air. They do it at any time they want to; they never seem to need to wait for an "updraft". At the end of their very-fast movement, they open their wings to stop instantly; yet they can be quite large birds; one flap to start and another to stop, as if the flap is a gesture to focus intent. I doubt that the wing movements, in many cases of birds flying, are causing changes to heat-related energy.

Movement does not have to add exclusion particles to a structure; nor does gravity, as the previous ideas illustrate. Both inertia and gravity depend on the patterns of the arrangements of the components of structures. Some movement, especially that related to gravity, can be done simply by rearranging the patterns within a body. Movement can happen because of a structure gaining exclusion-force particles asymmetrically relative to another pattern nearby, or by that structure losing exclusion-force particles asymmetrically on the opposite side relative to what it is moving away from; either way the movement is caused by external exclusion forces and/or in combination with the exclusion forces in the relative structures. Two objects in space are "pushed" together by external exclusion forces because the structure's patterns mutually get out of each other's way during their multi-dimensional comings and goings.  Presently movement seems to be presumed to happen only by forcing extra exclusion force particles from one body into another body (at any level from molecular to collision as for billiard balls); in future, movement will happen by manipulation of the positions of free exclusion forces already causing ultra-fast movement relative to other objects in far-distant space.

 Present physics presumes incorrectly that changes to inertia depend exclusively on exchanges of energy.

All things with individuality follow fractal construction patterns, somewhere in their structure. I think many anti-gravity phenomena are caused by the other-dimensional aspects of living beings. Future technology will describe the minute near-zero-amplitude details of fractal structures; and reverse/instigate movement of the patterns (sub-structures) the particles are in. A small change, imposed on any part of a fractal system, can have cascading effects on all components related to the first-affected component; whether that change is made to a large or small fraction of the whole.

I Googled Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov and remembered reading articles with the same and similar pictures and words.  I believe that a person may presume anti-gravity with enough certainty to make it ordinary; and, similarly, a machine can do the same with any person pressing its buttons (whether or not that person can focus/conceive of the intent needed to achieve anti-gravity and/or ignore inertia). Gravity modulation/reversal, and inertia-free movement-changes, are going to be ordinary; if such are not yet ordinary (but as yet either hidden or too unusual for people to believe or admit to observing). People are capable of believing and doing no more nor less than they believe are their limitations.

Anti-gravity, and movement-changes without inertia, are such a powerful engineering, economic and intellectual prize, that such information must be confined to military applications first and, perhaps by accident, to non-deadly applications eventually... Our "civilization" has military systems by necessity because the alleged civilization is based on and dependent on killing/enslaving/starving people for profit. Every culture, therefor, has to defend both its known intellectual property and its as-yet-unknown intellectual property that it aspires to discover and own. A common method is to flood the Internet with bogus publications purporting to be by e.g. Tesla and, likely, Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov (with regard to your question and a web-page, for example). Any military/security system would be criminally negligent if it did not corral intellectual activity looking for new knowledge, at least as much as it attempts to prevent established technology from being discovered by rival murderous economic systems. So with regard to your question, no I do not know how to do anti-gravity nor movement without inertia; and if I did I would not publish the knowledge, I would just point people in the direction I believe it can be found; then trust that the knowledge itself is good even though some people are not. Also, trust that the highest levels of knowledge save the lives of both soldiers and civilians; so there's nothing wrong with using technology breakthrough first for military purposes.

Without needing any ideas that could be labeled "conspiracy" the ideas/truths/observations of Victor Schauberger are delightfully easy to understand by reading his own words (as translated) But, for every book with such clear understandings, there are countless books trying to "explain" the ideas; and such efforts are too often clumsy and misleading; such as babbling on dropping words like "electromagnetic" in contexts that show that such authors have no understanding of that word, either. Sorry, no references here; find them for yourself; I don't attempt to remember the names and authors of all the books I read nor the websites I visit; and my harsh/innacurate criticism/suggestion would be impolite/inappropriate to apply to any authors by name, anyway.

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