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Two Gold-Wire Sine-Waves

  David Beale 2014

A piece of wire has been bent into a sine wave shape. This is a side view — a time domain graph of a sine wave from 0° to 360°. 
The view is representing four dimensions rather than three — this is a 2D image of a 3D picture representing at least four dimensions.
In this picture, a 2nd sine-wave is far away, in what may be said to be a "fourth" dimension. It's too small to see.
[In this theory, the 4th dimension adds an extra coordinate to 3D space, using any of an infinite number of dimensions.]
A 3D universe has a hierarchy of  dimensions associated with its 3D 's space.
In this diagram, the second sinewave wire has gone a long way away, possibly into dimensions barely associated with this 3D universe.

Gold Wire sinewave3 60 side view time domain

In this picture the second gold sinewave wire has returned from other dimensions to be full-size in 3D space.
Another analogy, using this illustration, is that the picture is 3437pixels wide, but on this page it's only 1280 pixels wide, because it's only allowed to be that big according to html rules.
If it has shrunk properly in the browser, save it an see how big it is.
The second gold wire, sine-wave shaped, came back from having gone away in 4D. It's in the same 3D space as when it was far away in 4D; but it has swapped one of the 3D co-ordinates, so it is showing only slightly (in perspective because of its thickness) because it is 90° related to the other wire's shape.

Showing the 2nd Gold Wire sinewave360 2nd present 90degrees side view time domain

A second sinewave wire has returned from other dimensions to show in 3D space. It's at 90degrees to the other wire that has gone away into other dimensions

Showing the 2nd Gold Wire sinewave360 2nd present 90degrees side view time domain

In this picture both gold wires have equal presence in 3D space.
Notice they seem to share the same space when they cross zero: this is to illustrate that everything has presence in other dimensions additional to the usual three. In this theory, for exclusion force field pieces, only one piece can occupy the same place at the same time as another. All pieces themselves happen by smaller patterns within patterns moving in three and more dimensions so no one occupies the same 3D space at the same time.

Bits of force-field can swap places, in 3D space and multi-dimensionally, infinitely quickly.

Inside the sine-wave shapes here, their smaller parts are organized in fractal patterns. These patterns get smaller; until only single pairs of concentric oscillating (coming-going) spheres occupy the same places in space (but not at the same times). The pairs alternate, instantly, quickly enough to equal one whole unit of incompressible force-field, in their spots in 3D space.

Even single bits of force field, oscillating as concentric spheres, have, in the harmonics of their simple circular patterns, the details of the whole of Creation.

Creation is infinite in both directions. Creation is infinitely large; and no matter what level of smallness can be considered smallest, there is always something smaller.

Patterns in space range from single miniscule pieces of force field that move multi-dimensionally, up to complex patterns with cyclic harmonic relationships in the same 3D space. Small bits tend to instantaneous swap positions, to occupancy a spot in space; more complex patterns have complex 3D movements and cycles.

Perspective view with the 2nd Gold Wire sinewave360 2nd present 90degrees
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Two rings of concentric force-field oscillations and a pattern in 3D space
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