A Unified Field Theory One Page Summary

David Beale 28th July 2015

A pair of concentric multi-dimensional exclusion force fields sharing the same spots in 3D spaceA universe is in a three-dimensional space when areas of an exclusion-force can share the same places by synchronizing their comings and going in more than three dimensions; and these  variations can also move sequentially in the same 3D space. If a piece of the field – a place within its area – goes away in a direction that is additional to the main three, then as that piece goes away it gets replaced by an equivalent; to keep the exclusion-levels as close as possible to being the same as if no variations are happening in 3D. When pieces share the same places in space repeatedly then their patterns of movements may be consistent enough to be observed in sequential time according to the observers' ability to perceive the patterns.

Field variations concentrated while extending indefinitelyPatterns move in 3D space because they are surrounded, in 3D and everywhere else, by other variations in the strength of the exclusion-force field. Tendencies to move happen because of asymmetrical variations in patterns and pieces of patterns according to where they are multi-dimensionally. All movement is because exclusion forces disallow pressure levels to exceed those of their surroundings.

A magnetic pattern made of static piecesPatterns may be primarily variations within or outside 3D areas. The former are "static" and the latter are "magnetic" (that's the most likely arrangement I see logically, for now). Most matter and energy types are mixes of static and magnetic patterns.

Cutaway view of gravity as external to a 3D patternGravity happens because exclusion-pressure variations in 3D are surrounded by exclusion-variations in other dimensions. Events that have been excluded to a 3D area are in that space because they are compatible and similar enough in frequency and phase, for their variations to be exclusive less in that space than in external dimensions.

Exclusion force variations impinge on each other until they have induced as much compatibility as possible, towards sharing the same places in multi-dimensional space. Gravity in a 3D area is the summary of field-variation pieces, which are repeating events, being excluded from places less compatible and in other dimensions. Static, magnetic and movement tendencies are primarily the results of exclusion forces respectively and mostly in external dimensions, the same 3D space and, for movement in 3D space: combinations of external and 3D exclusion forces.

Static, magnetic and movement forces are interchangeable according to how these are balanced, their frequencies and their synchrony.

Inertia is the result of exclusion forces changing the patterns of mixes of static and magnetic distributions and the additions or subtractions of elements from patterns which render those patterns less compatible, directionally, with their surroundings. All movement is because of relative changes in the relationships between exclusion forces in various places in multi-dimensional space.

Gravity varies according to how much patterns have synchronized with those nearby.

Patterns may have any number of constituents sharing the same spots. A large number of spherical oscillations can share the same places, in multi-dimensional space, as can a small number with fewer places alternative to the places in 3D being shared.

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