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Beyond Infinity

David Beale

We will know ideas

beyond infinity concepts

How little can something be before it’s too small to have a universe in it? How big is too big to be star in a bigger sky? The mystery opens delightful windows to ideas beyond imaginings about Infinity, to future answers and bigger questions.

Infinitely Big means nothing can be bigger, obviously; but how small is infinitely small, without being nothing? Our Universe could be a spark off someone’s shoe on a dry road somewhere else. What if Time and space lets us swap between a big Universe and a little one — would we notice?

Dawn Sunrise

How many ways are there to have reality to dream in; to dream about things that aren’t real? Is anything not real?

Braidwood Morning Mist

A child, newly confident at walking, in a garden on a sunny morning, sees the shimmering blue sky’s tiny patterns. Are these the angels big people talk about? A teenager gets out of body, finds it’s all as real out there as anywhere else.  It’s like driving around in a car. Is the reality back at home or is the dream also reality?

How could a dream stop and reality happen when what we perceive depends on our imagination? If our senses are supposed to tie us to three dimensions, the bonds must be just pretending a lot of the time, so we know we're spiritual beings.

Can you accept that what is proven or not depends on what you want to believe? What if we really can be blinded to some of the most obvious ideas? I remember reading about how, hundreds of years ago, some big sailing ships could be seen only by a leader of some people living overseas West of Europe. Most could not see the ships arriving. Whether mythical or not the story illustrates a truth about how people perceive only what they can. If we had been there, we'd have no imaginings to make/see visions of savages, with swords, guns and diseases, wanting gold and slaves.

I believe we all believe or disbelieve what we want to and what we believe with the others in our own tribe. We use word about real and unreal, as if there’s a dividing line.

I believe in infinite speed. Infinite speed allows instant communications for Infinite Creation to have unity and harmony. I believe left-right, front-back and up-down are limits. Limits, yes, but because, in this type of life, people perceive the limits of reality as having only three dimensions.  People perceive time as one-dimensional; another myth.

My reality has an infinite variety of co-ordinate systems. I believe there’s a reality that’s beyond any analogies about coordinate systems. Beyond infinity is Unity. Everything is part of the same system. We’re all part of the same person. [And aphorisms like this are the foundations of Physics for the future.]

Blue Focus Transition
MultiDimensional Exclusion Force-Field Clusters

With so many ways for describing belief systems, practice bring ease for agreeing with a variety of people describing the same reality from their unique viewpoints — such as “Time is Now”… The past and the future are as real as the present. The past is as much part of the future as the present. The past is permanent patterns of any size bigger than zero. The past affects the present and the future. The future holds all possibilities. The present is real, despite being infinitely small. The future is real, despite not having happened yet. The past is real despite seeming to no longer exist. Ripples of events past, present and future affect Now as the whole of Time… And So On… Parallel time is as real as one-dimensional time… And surely we may be a permitted to get a bit didactic when swapping  favorite beliefs!

Now is such a long time. Present time is obviously bigger than some infinitely-small moment stuck between a past no longer there and a future that hasn’t happened yet. I agree with those who feel that Present Time is All Time; it’s Now time.

I believe that we can affect the past, the future and Now. We each have Free Will; to the extent of our view of multi-dimensional reality; and according to our independence from the three-dimensional sequences and systems of our human lives.

We live in Now time yet as Westerners we pretend there’s never any time. I believe we affect the past, the future and Now. Our intentions get real results proportional to our harmony with everything and freedom from imaginings about human limitations. The word “faith” can be purged of rubbish about begging and submitting. Intention, with real faith and confidence of authority, gets results.

Imagination and memory open windows of our reality beyond our senses into places and possibilities as real as colored lights in a gemstone. We see them sequentially; they are forever real. We may choose where to look in the crystal of life.

I don’t know of any concepts about infinity that go to a place beyond concepts related to infinity. When we get to be in lives more advanced than human life, we’ll know concepts that make those about infinity seem little. Perhaps we know these ideas in our parallel lives. Perhaps the ideas happen in a life or type of life we’ve forgotten about temporarily…Anyway, I like to believe that, one day, I’ll know, and such concepts are ordinary somewhere else in Creation, somewhere in Time.  Meanwhile, I like knowing that any finite part of an infinite circle is indistinguishable from a straight line; and if I had a view from beyond infinity, then I could tell the difference between an infinite-diameter circle and an infinite straight line.

I like to remember how a straight line’s definition may also be any part of the perimeter of an infinite circle. A circle can have a straight line in it but a proper straight line can’t be a circle. A nice way to get to sleep is to imagining ideas about stretching out in all directions, forever, and going somewhere out there.  We see time as sequential because we can only make our Now time a small part of real time. Time is more real than just being somewhere between a remembered imaginary past and an imaginary future.

Why do I like to think about things like how a straight line’s definition is any part of the perimeter of an infinite circle? A circle can have a straight line in it but a proper straight line can’t be a circle. An “infinite number of co-ordinate systems” is a useful way to describe how countless different places, each with realities like solids and energy of their own, can all being in the same space at the same time.

Multi-dimensional concentric force-field clusters.

If something goes further away, but only in a dimension extra to the usual three, it would be seen to stay in its place while shrinking. Presently we’re humans. We’re limited by senses that perceive in three dimensions, with one-dimensional time, because our reality is conditioned and simplified and our imaginations are discouraged by our culture. Our imaginations are the windows to a Creation more real than and bigger than permitted by most human belief systems. We are  conditioned to believe we're smaller than we are, until our imaginations don’t see reality.

Add at least one more co-ordinate/dimension, to 3D space. Then matter, energy, movement, gravity, fields, energy and time can be seen as interactive realities more real than the abstract psychological concepts and beliefs presently allowed by our cultural baggage.

Sensory information seems to happen sequentially from not being, to being; then, sometimes, not being. I believe that perceptions happen as moving observations within a pattern of reality that has an infinite number of co-ordinates, all continuous and sharing the same 3D infinite space. A nice analogy is to say our Universe and beyond are what we have evoked, from a multi-dimensional hologram of the whole of reality, by shining the lights of our individual perceptions. The strength of our light is increasing and more people everywhere are waking up and turning on their lights.

We see events as passing by, but really our senses and imaginations are travelling through our personal path. Our ways are as if selected from infinite possibilities of what may happen. Everything everywhere is permanently available to us, presently through our imaginations.

Blue Focus

Some may believe that reality gets made ad hoc, peculiar to the individual. A more popular idea is that reality is shared. There’s no way to know, for sure, if anybody else or anything else truly is real but I believe in a shared reality. We can change it as we will; but most people's will is randomized and negated by other people's wills and intents being disharmonious with ours and. If intent isn't manifesting accurately — or acceptance isn't working — then the intent/will/want is out of harmony with Creation or, at least, what others want who are in the same club.

Free will is limited by our habits, conventions and conformity with priorities beyond human understanding. Harmonious free will can chose to swim into an ocean’s wave, to surf to shore on a wave; then chose to swim out, again, to be in harmony with another wave.  Fitting in with what’s sure to happen, and, if possible, what’s wanted by most other beings, is the surest way to get what one wants.

I believe that what we see as events and things happening, in our universe, are analogous to complex sound-waves. In the Universe and the whole of the rest of Creation, knowledge of events travels everywhere instantly. Sound waves are only three dimensional; the Universe is multi-dimensional. Soundwaves travel until they are too small to be easily noticed and their energy is virtually randomized. In the Universe, everything exists like the facts within a hologram  — facts that exhibit according to being stimulated.

Oscillations, within our Universe and more, exist as spherical changes of pressure within a unifying standing force field. More than one force field type, or an infinite number of different types, could occupy space at the same time in the same place. If each type of force field was so unique as to have virtually zero exclusion ability on any other effect, then that 3D space could hold an infinite number of different types of universe.

Whether the various dimensions, coordinates or spatial systems are logical or actual physically different places or extra dimensions, is of little consequence to the ideas here. The theory is for making some sense of otherwise incompatible abstract ideas about reality.

A defining characteristic of force-fields is that they occupy space to the exclusion of force-fields of the same type at the same time in the same place.  Force-field pressure/presence variations, as spherical events, have at least one other dimension to be in. They can be in various places in 3D while cycling between their maximum presence-levels. Force fields disallow fields of the same type to occupy a 3D space in the same place. Imagine a field that can not be compressed but can vary its three-dimensional size by moving into and out of those three dimensions into a fourth category that can be any number of dimensions for it to choose from.

Spherical events may have zero presence, in 3D, while  using one or more additional dimensions (axes) in which to be fully present. The might be absent in 3D only for the infinitely small time taken to actually cross the point of zero presence; because pairs of oscillations can swap positions within the same 3D place. Two such events, by sharing 3D space, can maintain zero pressure-changes in that space while excluding any other events from the same space.

By having a 3D almost non-compressible medium, events can happen by them being in pairs. Have you ever wondered how the Bernoulli effect works? People think that by making bits of air move across a surface faster on one side than another, that the air must spread out and "lower" the pressure. It sounds like a good idea — regardless of the explanation being wrong, aeroplane wings work…up to a point; aerofoils have to be proven in a wind tunnel…they defy being designed totally by formulae.  What is actually happening is that, on aeroplane wings that work at all speeds including faster than sound, pressure-differences travel at the speed of sound to end up equal all over the surface; yet wings work the same at high speeds as low speeds — the pressure doesn't get away! What's happening, on aeroplane wings, is more than just vectors pushing upwards because the wing is at a slight angle. The moving fluid has a larger area to travel across on the top side of a wing compared with the bottom side; and when something moves (such as air relative to a wing) it sets up a gravity-type "attraction" normal to its direction of movement. A typical example, of the "Bernoulli" (or "Venturi") effect working when it shouldn't be happening, is to just let a jet of air out of a hole so the air moves across the end of a tube and causes fluid (such as fly-spray) to be attracted to the moving air and mix with the air.

Concentric pair bw
Daphodils yellow sun behind

Some of infinite space acts as if filled with one multi-dimensional substance. It can be compressed and expanded, in effect, by altering its amount of presence in a 3D area, because it can occupy more than three dimensions.  The compression-expansion (actually presence-absence) waveform act by force-field variations, with an infinite variety of sizes, changing places because of being driven, by external exclusion forces, towards keeping the compression-levels the same in any 3D space. All phenomena in space are observations of the excursions, apparently in sequential time, of patterns, changes and arrangements, by areas of an otherwise inert exclusion-force substrate.

Knowledge and influences, of sequential events, are relayed at infinite speed throughout the whole of Creation. Everything, that has individual form, in three dimensions, consists of multi-dimensional changes to the logical density of an infinitely-incompressible universal exclusion force field.  The words “incompressible” and “infinitely” are added because of the logical need for waveform transmission-speeds to be infinite – it’s an analogy to the speed of sound in nominally-incompressible solid substances.

All matter in the universe is compressible. Sound travels in water, for example, using the same type of longitudinal compression-expansion as for sound pressure variations in air.

Consider patterns of oscillations producing the phenomena of solids, energy, fields, movement, inertia, gravity… Observed as individual multi-dimensional Fourier series, they would each just exist, not necessarily with any movement, just as facts. Sequential time happens by changing the viewpoint of a static set of events that would be permanent except for being constantly created by spiritual beings — and everything that exists has spiritual life giving it form.

Considered from a time-domain point of view, everything becomes a mix of sequences of sinusoidal oscillations in co-dependent patterns.  Their co-dependency is needed for their stability –  for them to be observed either sequentially (in time) or as permanent facts of creation.


The observation determines what is observed.
What is available to be observed may be, by itself, quite different when independent of an observer.

Sine-Wave Generation circular-to-waveform  

Consider the nature of an individual sinusoidal wave.  A sine-wave starts from zero which, for a pendulum, would be the bottom of the arc where the pendulum is when moving the fastest or stationary.  A pendulum moves following the place-to-place levels of a single sinusoidal-wave. The lowest point is the equivalent of a time-domain wave’s zero-crossing point; that’s where the wave is changing height values –  moving – fastest. The direction-change points are at the tops of the arc, on both sides; that’s where the peaks of height/depth are reached. During the peak times a moving pendulum is stationary for an infinitely-small time, at each direction-change peak.  At two points on the travel of a pendulum, despite the travel being nominally the fastest, the pendulum is stationary for an infinitely small time.


In our three-dimensional reality, many events that seem absolute or reversals are just viewing cycles as the stationary bit where the pendulum is moving slowest but, from a different way of describing it, the pendulum is at its fastest zero-crossing point.

A circle is two-dimensional. A circular series of dots can be drawn by plotting lots of values of one cycle, of a sine wave, on one of the two axes; crossed with the values of a cosine wave plotted on the second axis.


A silhouette can be plotted by using the sine values of a circle, on one axis, with the additions of the cosine values of a set of harmonics, on the other axis. A set of harmonics can be described as a collection of two or more sine waves. In a shared set of sine-waves, the second and other sine-waves can be described relative to the lowest-frequency (fundamental) harmonic (sine wave); according to their relative sizes and phases (their timing).

The mathematics, of mixes of harmonics working in teams, is named after the French pioneer Fourier.

Imagine describing the movements of the wind, as a Fourier series: The fundamental could be the diurnal change of direction from say an East-to-West wind from the ocean to inland, and reverse. To make the fundamental any slower (such as an annual pattern) is the same idea just taken to hugely more numerous details. One could just as easily nominate a twenty-six-thousand years pattern…anything.

For a Fourier series describing wind patterns, all the East-West direction variations, during the day, could be listed – in whatever details can happen. The tiniest local gusts could be included in the series. Details could be ignored as noise, or just too small to matter; but no matter how one-off or complex details of the wind’s movements might be, ultimately they may be described using Fourier series.

Synchronous harmonics whole-number increments zero-crossing together. 

Consider describing daily wind movements using two-dimensional Fourier series; to include North, South, East and West…and all variations in between.

Air rises and falls according to its density and…so: a 3D Fourier-type series of static numbers?  East-West Fundamental size 1 + East-West Harmonic 2 size 25% phase 70° with North-South Fundamental size 1.25 + North-South Harmonic…

For a universe, energy-matter movement patterns and shapes may be described using multi-dimensional Fourier mathematics. Each would be a subset of the infinite multi-dimensional series. Such patterns form crystalline-static logical holders with infinite possibilities.

Time-domain concepts are sequential continuous changes. These may be described by Fourier series statements as static concepts of realities. This book regards concepts of fields, matter, energy, movement and gravity as facts to be described by both Fourier-series type thinking and, because movement and sequential situations are real to our perceptions, by wave-form time-domain visualizations.

Oscillations happen in two main ways: longitudinal, like sound waves; and transverse, similar to waves on the ocean. Oscillations of our Universe happen both longitudinally and transversely.

Light, for example, may be observed as the effects of particles travelling in lines, in 3D, with the effects normal to the direction –  as surrounding the particles’ path. The effects, of the particles, are longitudinal waves (somewhat like ocean waves). The particles may be observed as travelling as if oscillating additionally to their smooth forward motion. Light energy happens in patterns that vary; from having the purest of forward movement, to having very complex movements additional to their forward motion.

I believe much motion happens that is fasterrthannlight. The speed of light is no more an absolute barrier than was the sound barrier.light. The speed of light is no more an absolute barrier than was the sound barrier.

Simple Fourier Series synchronized peaks. 

Light energy is observable as particles because it is made of complexes of concentric oscillations sharing the same 3D space while all are swapping their positions between other patterns. Parts of any energy complex travel constantly in the same 3D space and alternative 3D and multi-D locations.

I believe that light-type energy has many qualities additional to particles of simple visible light travelling from the Sun for example.  I believe that the particles of light travel in space, yes, at the speed of light, when observed in sequential time.

Cluster of concentric force fields.

Light and matter (energy and matter) are mixes of pairs of concentric longitudinal oscillations in the unifying force-field. Such oscillations can be likened to a balloon, tight with air, having air added/extracted continuously for the balloon to expand and contract. If the expansions and contraction cycles (pure sine-wave or complex) are between about 20 cycles-per-second (20Hz) and about 20,000Hz, then the balloon would be acting as an audio loudspeaker. The differences, between such sound in air, and light in space, is that the oscillations of the light are between these three dimensions and places in other dimensions. In space, the compression-levels, of the exclusion-force substrate, remain constant for any place in 3D space.comprised by mixes of pairs of concentric longitudinal oscillations in the unifying force-field. Such oscillations can be likened to a balloon, tight with air, having air added/extracted continuously for the balloon to expand and contract. If the expansions and contraction cycles (pure sine-wave or complex) are between about 20 cycles-per-second (20Hz) and about 20,000Hz, then the balloon would be acting as an audio loudspeaker. The differences, between such sound in air, and light in space, is that the oscillations of the light are between these three dimensions and places in other dimensions. In space, the compression-levels, of the exclusion-force substrate, remain constant for any place in 3D space.


To be a nominated “place” in 3D space is to be, effectively, infinitely small relative to infinite space. The pressure-levels, for any one substrate in any one universe, can have variations of their own – as if in macro all of space is swapping its substrate with individual universe-level substrates, in other dimensions.  As in the micro, of particles of light and particles of substance, the universe is, in macro, like a spark from a shoe in another space and time.


Living beings experience the Now according to how many variables the individual can perceive; and according to how much of the Now has to be experienced sequentially. Everything individual has life and consciousness according to the life residing in that individual.  Our Universe is an individual; as is our Earth. Rather than believe we have no surety of reality other than that each of us is, I believe we are all part of the same person, as is Earth.

Randomness is a concept that happens when patterns are too small to see. When close to zero size, patterns can hide as harmonics of larger patterns. Nothing in Creation is random.  Randomness is a concept.


To have a reality small enough to cope with and work with and in, we have to consider randomness as happening; especially if the details don’t matter. We can preclude/ignore patterns that apparently don’t matter, cannot be understood, or are inconvenient.

Information, from which may be reconstructed a whole universe, and more, are in the details of the oscillations, of every particle, of every spark of light. I believe that the details of the whole of creation are in the harmonics of the multi-dimensional Fourier series of the description of any part of anything that has individuality.  A grain of sand has individuality. A strand of DNA holds possibilities far more than enough to produce every life-form ever created.

The wings of an insect can hold, in minute complexities of their oscillations, the details of Creation.

Everything with individuality holds details of the whole of Creation.

Within each individual’s description, the largest frequency is that individual’s fundamental; that may be as long as equal to the size of the fundamental for the whole of Creation.

 The details of the whole of Creation are present, minutely, as harmonics belonging to that individual.

The fundamental oscillation, of the being of an insect, can be as short as one day; but during that day the insect is still the bearer of information pertaining to the whole of Creation.

An infinity of 3D universes occupy the same space, each may be similar our own 3D universe. They form mathematically as one multidimensional Fourier series. Infinity is the longest wavelength; the highest harmonic is infinitely fast; and an infinite number of harmonics comprises the whole, for that particular category of Creation.

 Countless other ways, for having many universes, must have been devised by the person clever enough to form so many universes of the type we live in for now.

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